Mining Derivatives
No Trust Required

Trade Bitcoin hashrate derivatives contracts with confidence. Our non-custodial trust-free Hashrate derivatives platform allows miners to insure against unforseen changes in difficulty, HODLers to insure their Bitcoin against decreases in difficulty and earn interest on long term holdings, and market makers to earn profit by providing liquidity.

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POWSWAP works today in Bitcoin, leveraging smart-contracts to automatically detect changes in Bitcoin’s hashrate and pay-out contracts on that basis. The POWSWAP protocol is a flexible basis for exotic hashrate contracts, as well as simple to understand standard-form contracts.

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How it Works


Block Delta Contracts

The core of POWSWAP are block delta contracts which can detect changes in hashrate


Bulletin Board

By default, POWSWAP relays orders through a bulletin board of available offers and takes a small commission for relaying orders.


Bonded Assurances

POWSWAP can be optionally used as an untrusted, bonded facilitator for execution of high-value contracts where reorg safety is a concern.


High Frequency

POWSWAP contracts can be updated without on-chain interaction, allowing contracting parties to renegotiate contracts as market forecasts adjust